About Us

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'What I command you is to love one another' John 15.17

St. Elisabeth's is a growing church where people meet to worship God and enjoy fellowship together. As part of our vision for the future we are committed to being a welcoming Church which values relationships with God and one another.

Maybe a few words of description might help you to get a flavour of what kind of church we are. We are a local, community minded, friendly church for all ages. That means we value young and old, we don't seek to serve ourselves but the local community that God has placed us in.

We share a vision 'to become a family, where our love for Jesus inspires our worship, our care for one another, and our service in the community'. Everybody can find a home at St. Elisabeth's: we have a great mix of young, old, singles, families and a great youth and children's network.

In our church family everyone is important and all have a part to play. We want to help ourselves and those around us, to discover more of the goodness of serving God with all of our lives.

church4We do this as a response to the love God has first shown us. We believe we need to keep growing in our Christian faith. In order to grow we need to actively serve God, our church family and our community. God has given each of us gifts and abilities that we can use to do this in a whole variety of ways

We value and treasure the past and thank God for all his creativity in the present. So our services reflect a mix of the 'old' and the 'new'. God did not make us all the same so it's no surprise that we all connect with God in different ways. But together God calls us to follow Jesus and love each other.

We are not a perfect church and we have not got it all 'sewn up' – and probably never will! But we seek to be a real authentic expression of a community of faith in Jesus – and you're very welcome to join us. What are you waiting for?

If you have questions about Jesus, Christianity, or are a new Christian, we would love to help you. If you would like to get more involved please contact us.