St. Elisabeth's & Young People

As a church we have set out our vision to include encouraging children and young people and sharing the Good News.

Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. Matthew 28:19

All people of any age are important at St Elisabeth's and we delight in the privilege of being able to help young people discover more of the God who made them and loves them far more than we can. We have a number of groups that meet during the week, for their own special activities, worship and teaching. Our leaders are all willing volunteers, who hold all the necessary DBS clearances in child care, and we seek to train and support them as they carry out this vital service of helping young people explore faith in God.

betty bear

Betty Bear 

(for pre-school children and their parents/grandparents) Weekly subscriptions are £2 per child.

Betty is a teddy bear who lives in church and sleeps under the altar. She attends all services but her favourite time is on Monday mornings with the children at Betty Bear. This group began as The Betty Bear Club nearly 14 years ago and our aim is to provide a warm, friendly space for parents and young children to meet, play, socialize and worship together. We aim to provide stimulating activities which help the children to learn and grow through fun and play. We meet 9.30am-11.00am on Mondays and all are welcome.

Sessions start with free play (we have a special area for babies with exciting toys for those who can move about) and crafts, followed by 'tidy-up-time' and refreshments, group games and songs, circle time and finally a ten minute act of worship with a bible story (usually with lots of action). Any child who has not yet started school is welcome, with mum, dad or a grandparent.

Uniformed Organisations

1st Carlisle St. Elisabeth's Baden-Powell Scout Group

The B-PSA UK is an independent Scout Association with membership in the World Federation of Independent Scouts and dates back to the foundations of Scouting in 1907. The aim of the Association is, as stated by Baden-Powell himself, to promote good citizenship and wholesome physical, mental development and training in habits of observation, discipline, self-reliance, loyalty, and useful life skills.

At St. Elisabeth's we chose B-P Scouts because we wanted to be church sponsored and teach the Christian faith as part of our programme. The groups began in September 2012, which involved a major transition from the children's groups we already ran, but we think it was a good choice.

At the moment we run mixed groups for 5-15 year olds: Beavers, Wolf Cubs and Scouts. We hope to run Senior Scouts for 15-18 year olds in the near future.

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Our Beaver Colony is for 5-8 year olds who meet in church on Mondays from 4.30-5.45pm. The Colony motto is 'Busy and Bright'. The leaders take great care to ensure they give a balanced programme of activities, both indoor and out, all of which is aimed at developing confidence in a social and safe environment.

Beavers were first formed in Canada in 1973 and later came the UK to fill the gap for younger brothers and sisters. Whilst in the Colony the Beavers learn the 'Friends of the Forest' story which is about a beaver growing up and moving on to be a Wolf Cub. St. Elisabeth Beavers are very much part of the church family and worship together at our Prayer & Praise services on the 1st Sunday of each month. We have lots of fun together and have a waiting list for new members.

Beavers learn about their local community, their county and country and the wider world by visiting local public services and places of interest. All of this goes towards ensuring our Beavers achieve their four footprint badges for Learning, Developing, Exploring and Discovering before aiming to achieve their Dam Builder badge. Beavers can also earn a Project Award, Hobby Award and Friendship Badge (just to name a few).

Wolf Cubscubs1

Lord Baden-Powell set up Wolf Cubs for the younger brothers of the Scouts who were desperate to join in the fun. Wolf Cubs are based around 'Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book' where a young boy brought up by a Wolf pack has to learn to develop to be a self-sufficient man. Leaders take their names from the Jungle Book story.

Our Wolf Cubs are aged 8-11 and meet on Tuesdays. Packs tend to have a number of Sixes distinguished from each other by colour patches on their upper left sleeve. Sixes are made up of, in the main, six Wolf Cubs with one (called a Sixer) responsible for his/her Six ensuring the younger and less experienced Wolf Cubs are looked after during the Pack activities.

Team Games are played to develop knowledge about Scouting in a creative way – all by having fun. The Wolf Cub programme is designed so that on their journey with the Pack, each Cub will achieve his/her 1st and 2nd Stars which will see him/her learn about their national flag and country, the Saints, the Highway and Countryside Codes, and many other things -even how to cook breakfast and polish a pair of school shoes. There are many badges to achieve in Wolf Cubs and we undertake some as a Pack, whilst others can be achieved individually. Cubs will learn and understand in more depth about their local public and community services and often get 'hands-on' demonstrations from those professionals who take time out to tell them about their roles in the community.

Usually Wolf Cub Camp is the first experience any young person gets of camping without Mum or Dad. They learn how to look after themselves (personal hygiene) and their belongings and help each other. Camp activities are well planned and supervised by the leaders to ensure the Wolf Cubs are kept busy, active, happy and having bags of fun!!

Wolf Cubs are encouraged through the training programme to become better citizens, work together in team activities, explore their environment & help each other to succeed.


A successful Wolf Cub BEAMS:

Be Prepared - A healthy, active & alert mind
Enjoy Life - A happy approach to everything you do
Achieve More - An opportunity to expand personal goals
Make a Difference - A chance to help & support others
Stay Safe - An understanding of the world in which we live

As a Wolf Cub progresses, they start to experience camping under canvas and take part in activities & events that give them a taste of what Scouting will be like when they finally move up.

Just like our Beavers, 1st Carlisle, St. Elisabeth Wolf Cubs are an integral part of our church community and are supported through prayer and financial help. All our young people are valued and cared for and at our monthly Prayer and Praise services it is good to see Cubs attending with their families.


Officially starting in 1908, Scouting has formed in most countries across the world. Scouting is as relevant today as it ever has been...

The Scout section is for young people (aged 11 to 15). Boys & girls typically come to the Troop from Wolf Cubs or join at 11 and progress through Scouts until they are 15 years old – when they join Senior Scouts.

A Scout takes part in a variety of events and activities during their Scouting career & progresses through a series of badges that show ability and skill whilst developing self-confidence.

The aim of badge work is to show the Scout's achievement through challenge, recognition of skills outside of Scouting and activities run within regular weekly meetings. Scouts learn new skills to equip them for life.

The badge scheme also runs in parallel to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, so Scouts can access their Bronze, Silver & Gold Awards as part of the B-PSA.

scouts2An important part of Scouting is giving the Scout the opportunities to consider their own attitude toward others and themselves. Scouting is about teamwork, adventure & friendship.

A significant part of the Scout programme revolves around the great outdoors; using skills learned to enjoy camping, hiking, survival and cooking.

Scouting also provides those who attend with the opportunity to take part in an array of adventurous activities, from climbing & abseiling to kayaking & canoeing. Many Troops travel to international camps (Jamborees) & enjoy camping in the backwoods.

At St. Elisabeth's our Scouts have recently learned bicycle maintenance and map reading skills. Camps are planned for the summer months. Our Scouts attend church each month and are given many opportunities to grow in faith, being nurtured by our church community.

We welcome new members in all our groups but we do currently have waiting lists. For further information on B-P Scouting, look at

Young People and Faithyoung people

At St. Elisabeth's we aim to provide opportunities for young people to meet together to explore their faith. This may be in the form of teaching, socializing, praying or worshipping. Sometimes groups meet fortnightly or monthly, depending on need. We hold confirmation classes annually. 

On the first Sunday of each month we hold a Prayer and Praise service, which is very much geared towards families and young people, as well as the young at heart.  Young people are very much part of our church family and are involved in leading worship.